Zombie proof houses to survive Armageddon!

If you are looking for a shelter to defend yourself during the end of days, then you must take a look at this abode designed in Berlin. The safe haven has a retractable stairway to keep the bogeyman out. Take a defensive position at the rooftop and fire away wooden sticks, silver knives and other artillery drawn from old age lore’s. The house has fire and bullet resistant sheaths. When you are not at battle, the abode made from salvaged materials, will be a great living space. The robust, stable and waterproof pad has multiple levels. It has a green roof and water storage facility at the bottom. The easy to assemble building even slots in a green wall, air purification system and an electric charging station. Moreover, this house is built out of discarded oil silos hence also chips in towards the green movement. It is like a micro ecosystem that will help you survive when catastrophe strikes. The mind boggling structure stood second at the “Silver Machete Award.”

Article via Hometone

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