Enzo Ferrari’s home transcends in to a wonder museum housing Ferrari valuables

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Remember ‘the capital of engines’, Modena? Designed by the ‘Future System’, ‘Museo Casa Enzo Ferrai’ has opened its gate for car enthusiasts from today, 10th March 2012, in Modena, Italy. Modena has its own importance in the book of car history. Factories of the famous Italian sports car makers Ferrari, De Tomaso, Pagani and Maserati are located here. One of Ferrari’s cars was named after the town itself. ‘Future system’, a London based architectural and design practice firm, formerly headed by ‘Directors Jan Kaplický and Amanda Levete’, in 2005 has won the design contest invitation held by Enzo Ferrari Birthplace Foundation. This will surely be a ‘Mecca’ for car lovers.

Museo Casa Enzo Ferrai

Museo Casa Enzo Ferrai

Picture Gallery

Museo Casa Enzo Ferrai

Enzo Ferrari’s home has been transformed in to a museum housing Ferrari valuables

Design Plan:

The museum is designed so nicely that it keeps the fine details of history, while holding the modernity of art and design and new energy saving technologies. The whole project, can be said, is divided into two parts. One is a space formed inside the birthplace of Enzo Ferrari. It is a very old building of early nineteenth century. The second is a gallery that represents many iconic events of the past of Ferrari. Cars are aslo exhibited in the gallery like works of art. Some very famous articles related to Ferrari are also on show, for example 1962 Enzo Ferrari’s Spectacle. Documents and some audiovisuals are speaking about the history and achievements of Modena car making.


The main masterpiece, the element representative of the museum, is the curved aluminum shell emulating the same color, as one of the colors for Ferraris or official color of the Ferrari team. i.e. ‘Modena yellow’. This encircles the old building as a sign of respect, keeping a ‘height of 12 meters, almost identical to that of nineteenth-century house. The frontage is composed of a carrier glass that is inclined at some angle relative to the ground to enhance transparency. This symbolizes the Kaplicky’s idea to combine the aesthetic language of racecars with present issues like sustainable energy and energy efficiency.

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