Decorating With White

White worksWhite carpets are impractical, but other than that, white is a great color to use in your home.  It works well year round, thanks to its spectacular and diverse seasonal imagery – winter wonderland, the clean slate of spring, the fresh energy of summer, and hushed wisdom of fall.

White is dramatic, energetic and versatile.  Benjamin Moore offers over 200 different shades of white, each with its own particular nuance and substance that still permits other colors to enter a space without overpowering or yielding to them.

Starting with white, no doors close, making it the perfect way to begin any design process. A wide world of possibilities always stays open, so let your imagination take you wherever you please.

White does demand texture though.  If you decide to model a whole room in white, try to vary the fabrics, materials, patterns, and upholstery in order to create more depth.  You can also change the accessories seasonally (e.g. blue pillows in summer, orange in fall, pink in spring, etc.).

If you like white, but don’t want to make such a commitment to a color that can stain easily (dog owners beware), try whitening your accessories.  White curtains look fantastic in the sunlight and help keep your home cool in summer.  A white border around a room can also create a striking accent on your wall.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with white.  It’s one of the most versatile color options in your catalog with an endless array of sparkling possibilities.

Now take it away Mr. Clapton!

Above: Contempo Closet Hanging Wardrobe Closet

Decorating With White via Contempo

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