Chicken tea set is inspired by a chicken family!

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Miguel Silva


Miguel Silva has come up with a new concept of tea/coffee set, which will enhance the drinking experience. Its main attraction is its geometric design, which not only imparts simplicity, but also a sophisticated existence. This gorgeous chicken set features one teapot, four teacups and two containers for milk and sugar. Apart from having neat yet rugged ceramic body, this set is a perfect combination of colors with organic surface.

Chicken set

Chicken set

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Chicken set

Have your tea/coffee in a unique set.

What’s unique

With sophisticated geometry, which makes a symbolic reference to chicken, this set can be used as home décor. The ceramic body along with color combination makes it a perfect piece to grab your guests’ eyeballs.

High points

The designer has come up with such a design that will prosper your drinking experience.

Its sophisticated geometry, which is appealing, draws attention.

The shape of this design is symbolic to chicken.

As it is made of organic materials, it will last long.

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