30 Modern Living Room Design Ideas to Upgrade Your Quality of Lifestyle

Your living room is where the social part of the home life takes place, a space designed to be used as you decide: entertaining, spending time with family, skateboarding, watching TV, or waiting for Santa Claus while enjoying the jolly fireplace ent…

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Multi-Million Dollar Lakeshore Property Infused with Nautical Vibrancy

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This Okanagan Lakeshore Home showcases plenty of details helpful in your search for the perfectly mixed design. Spreading over 7,572 square feet on a 0.62 acre property, the fascinating home in Lake Country, British Columbia,…

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Yes, 400 Square Feet Can Feel Spacious. Here’s How.

A top photo stylist in New York and currently the head stylist at e-retailer One Kings Lane, Andrew Stewart transformed a client’s “big white box,” as he calls the original apartment, into a youthful, cozy, multifunctional home. The console — which,…


Welcome To The 3-Story Closet

If you were ever wondering how to throw the perfect party in a closet, this Houston area woman knows the secret: all it takes is a wonderful caterer, lots of champagne, a DJ … oh, and a gigantic, three story, 3,000 square foot “she cave.” Theresa Ro…


Historic Greek Stable Gets a New Life as a Vacation Home

On the historic Greek Tinos Island, a traditional stone stable was transformed into a stunning holiday home. Architect Ioannis Exarchou addressed the project by retaining the original structure and plastering the interior walls. With a new color…

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Vision of a Perfect Modern Country House in Moravia

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Juraj Vanca of Brno based DESIGN ATAK sent us 3D renderings of a modern country house the studio envisioned for a young family in Moravia, the Czech Republic. The brief of the project requested a modern and fresh interior approach…

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Century-Old Beach House Gets Cozy Modern Renovation

Three rectilinear glass-and-steel boxes update an unconventional 100-year-old beach house in Toronto, adding extra space and a sense of modern flair without compromising the structure’s historic character. Drew Mandel Architects sought to uphold…

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A Young Designer Brilliantly Breaks 175 Square Feet Into Six Spaces

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By Sarah Bray | Photography By Kelly Stuart

Replay:A Young Designer Brilliantly Breaks 175-Square-Feet Into Six Spaces
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Balancing Act: Elegant Water Jug Tilts to Serve

Part sculpture, part functional object, this water jug could stand as the centerpiece of your dining table in place of a vase of flowers. CAWA is an elegant twist on the standard means of serving water at the table, fitting a test-tube-like vesse…

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Spacious and Cozy Modern Armchair Defined By a Lightweight Structure

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Envisioned by Paris-based brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, this cozy modern armchair named the Slow Chair provokes the mind and body to connect in a sensory experience. Boasting an ergonomic support ensured by a translucent…

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