Brilliant Rain Boots Roll Up Into a Tiny Portable Package

When you take rain boots – or wellintons, depending on where in the world you reside – with you, it has to be a very deliberate choice. They are big, bulky, and difficult to pack, so if you’re packing them to take on a trip, you’d better b…

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Alex Rodriguez Buys Meryl Streep’s L.A. Home

Getty Images/MLS
It looks like Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez, who is suspended through this season, will be spending more time on the West Coast now that he’s purchased Meryl Streep’s four-bedroom, four-bathroom home in Hollywood Hills West fo…

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Cascading Staircase is Like an Indoor Frozen Waterfall

This cascading set of stairs in a Mumbai home is a perfectly executed example of architecture that mirrors nature. The wooden treads flow and curve to resemble a peaceful frozen waterfall.

Designed by Mexican studio Arquitectura en Movimiento, …

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10 Interior Design Lessons That Everyone Should Know

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We can all achieve a well-decorated space by following a few design tips. Image Source: James Rixner

Think of this as a little 101 in decorating. While we all cannot possess the eye for exquisite design and detail — we can dec…

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One Classic Color: 3 Genius Ways to Decorate

The indigo blues in this room were inspired by denim — the most American of fabrics — and how it fades and becomes even softer and more beautiful over time. There are many shades of blue here, but the interesting thing is how they all work togethe…

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Color Obsession of the Week: Saffron

This week’s finds:
1. Siena Tray by Artek, $29. Yellow Bahari Flat-Woven Wool Rug, starts at $50. Hadley Mustard Pillow, $33. Behr Paint in Desert Glow S-G-350. Pill Carafe, $48. jon…

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11 Design Problems SOLVED! in 2 Sentences Or Less

We won’t lie and say that the decorating conundrums that have been haunting you are easy to solve. But we can share the most boiled-down, easy-to-pass-on advice from our own Ask-A-Designer expert Scot Meacham Wood. Take a few minutes to read up on th…

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Sleek and Functional Two Bedroom Apartment Showcasing Family Scandinavian Design 

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When you think about Scandinavian apartment interior design, you might get a picture of a minimalist space where white and light play a huge role. This bright and cheery two bedroom apartment seen on HusmanHagberg enhances that id…

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Origami-Inspired Wardrobe Folds Flat for Easy Transport

Dutch designer Renate Nederpel‘s Pop-Up Linen wardrobe is reminiscent of a large piece of functional origami. Made of cotton fabric and wooden panels, the wardrobe is stable enough to use as intended on a daily basis, but simple and lightweight …

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Intriguing LASSO Lamp Showcasing A Powerful Minimalist Design

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Designed by Quentin de Coster Design Studio for French company Cinna, LASSO lamp pays tribute to minimalism and functionality. As its name suggests, this unconventional lighting unit resembles a lasso, but also a suspended torch: …

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