60′s Bungalow Completely Transformed Into Modern House in Bruges

Built on a rectangular plot in the outskirts of Bruges, Belgium, this modern house by CUBYC architects features large canopies which protect the building from overheating. According to the architects, HS Residence replaces a 60′s bungalow: “The …

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Don’t Make These Paint Color Mistakes

1. Ceiling Paint”I never paint a ceiling dead white because all white paint has a bit of gray in it, and it takes the room down. Paint the ceiling a cream shade.” –Athalie Derse
2. Matching Shades”You never want to match your walls to a color in one…

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Hamper Turns Into Comfy (But Stinky) Chair When Filled

If you live with a kid or a roommate who just can’t seem to grasp the concept of washing their dirty clothes regularly, the Martino Hamper from designer Brandon Washington could be a fun, cute way to not-so-subtly remind them of their laundry ob…

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1960s Beach Home Turned into Spectacular Modern A-Frame Residence

This striking looking A-Frame Residence is the result of an architecture conversion delivered by New York City-based studio Bromley Caldari Architects. The designers completely renovated the interiors of a 1960s beach home on Fire Island, turning it …

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Modern Interplay of Indoor and Outdoor Living Spaces: S House in Lima

S House by Domenack Arquitectos can be described as a modern interplay of indoor and outdoor living spaces. Located in Lima, Peru, this contemporary 500 square meter retreat is structured on three levels, each more spectacular than the next. Accordin…

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Unique Hand-Blown Glass Lamps Look Like Melting Ice

Glass and ice are made in similar ways: a liquid substance is made into a solid one. The Frozen Lamp series from designer Maxim Velcovsky for lighting company Lasvit puts that similarity on display in a sophisticated set of pendant lights.


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Break-Out and Dining Space in Manchester With Industrial Influences

The Hub is a break-out and dining space developed by Opus 4 (a design and build interior fit-out company in Manchester, England) for NSG Environmental. NSG- a nuclear waste management specialist – wanted a social ‘Hub,’ an engaging, inspiring s…

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Lightweight Backpacking Tent Reduces the Reviled Poles

Second only to crawling, flying, and flesh-eating beasties, putting the tent together is probably the most annoying part of camping. Tent manufacturer Brooks-Range Mountaineering has introduced a tent line called Tension. The tents are, appropriat…

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Inspiring 15 Sqm Modular Artist’s Studio Ranking High in Functionality

How do you imagine the perfect workspace? Israeli architect Ranaan Stern designed and implemented a modular artist’s studio in Tel Aviv exhibiting clever storage solutions. The original looking apartment features 2 desks, 36 drawers, modular storage…

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Ask a Designer:<br>What Are Your Best Outdoor Entertaining Tips?

Photo: Nicolas Smith; Courtesy of Scot Meacham Wood (headshot)
Q: “What are your best tips for outdoor entertaining?”  —Stacy L.
A: Stacy, lately, we seem to be getting an unusual number of outdoor-related questions from folks. I’m going to chalk …

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