Showy Shade: Solar-Powered Cloud Keeps You Safe From the Sun

When someone says that you walk around with a cloud over your head, it typically isn’t a compliment. But having a cloud – or other shade-throwing device – over your head can actually protect you from the sun’s harsh rays.

The Cumulus Pa…

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Simplified Faucet Washes its Own Handle Every Time it’s Used

When you use traditional faucets, you typically end up touching the handles with dirty hands, and then touching them again with wet hands to turn them off. And usually, this means either wiping the handles down or leaving water on them, which can …

Shaping The Office Of The Future: Workspace Design Trends [Infographic]

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Over the last decades, we have been witnessing major transformations in the corporate mentality regarding workspace design. According to this infographic from Alliance Interiors, more changes are yet to come, as the office of the …

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Unassuming Family Residence Revealing An Architectural Surprise: Subiaco Oval Courtyard

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Subiaco Oval Courtyard is the official name of a highly original residential project developed and implemented by Luigi Rosselli Architects in Subiaco, Australia. Seen from the street level, this family home is visually in tune wi…

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Home’s Shape is Distorted and Augmented by Its Own Shadow

If you watch the shadows thrown by a house on a sunny day, you might notice that they tend to form an almost entirely separate (imaginary) structure. Architectural artist Michael Jantzen created a public art project that forever freezes the shadow…


10 Design Lessons You Can Learn From Nature

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What does nature tell us about decorating our home? Image Source: NMA Architects

Take a moment from your busy schedule to lift up your eyes from that handheld device and reunite with the natural beauty of the world around you.

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Stunning San Francisco Remodel Deeply Infused with Natural Light

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A remodel can easily bring out the contemporary possibilities in old houses. Take as example this San Francisco home imagined by Dijeau Poage Construction – a home opened to the surroundings and prepared for a modern lifestyle….

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Gabled Concrete Home Pays Tribute to Archipelago Landscape

A long and narrow series of gabled volumes mimic the boathouse architectural typology commonly seen on the Stockholm archipelago in this modern residence by Swedish firm Tham & Videgârd Arkitekter. The striking line of five triangular roofs r…

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Stick Insects: Create Your Own Furniture with Basic Components

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Home Bathroom Fixtures: 10 Ideas for Tile, Tubs & Toilets

Fresh & S…

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Stylish Holiday Retreat In Bali With Black-Accented Décors: Mahatma House

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Mahatma House is located in the traditional Balinese village of Seseh, just steps from the black volcanic-sand beaches. Set against a tropical beachfront atmosphere, the holiday villa features a beautiful 60-foot river stone pool,…

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